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Entry Level Build Gaming Computer



CPU - i5 2500


Video Card - GTX 760

Storage - 500GB SSD

This is a good entry level build for moderate gaming such as minecraft, roblox, fortnite, and steam titles. This will play a lot of games on very respectable graphic settings, however, If you are looking to play at competitive level frame rates in the hundreds, this build is probably not for you. This is an excellent option for younger kids or anyone just looking to take their first steps into PC gaming and see what it is all about.



Please keep in mind that these are budget gaming computers that we guarantee will run great or you will be refunded. To keep the cost down though, some parts MAY be refurbished. These parts would have been lightly used however or just returns but they are fully checked over and guaranteed good to be used before they are. All parts are 100% covered by our 1 year warranty.