Welcome to ZPC Gaming


Build times are currently at about two and a half weeks. That is about how long it will take for you to get your PC after ordering. (The laptops that we offer do not have build times. You will receive those about 3 days from the day you order)

Send us a text!

We get a large number of calls and are busy a lot of the day delivering PCs, picking up parts, and building. If you call and we dont answer, shoot us a text! We will text you right back as soon as possible. 330-247-0637

Now introducing our partner builders!!

Below is our list of partner builders that offer their own selection of custom made computers. If they are on our site, then they are legit so buy with confidence!  

ZPC Gaming About Us

At ZPC Gaming, we believe in building gaming computers that you will love and can afford. You can choose from one of our pre existing models or reach out to us and we will build you something completely custome at the best price possible! As always ALL of our computers have a zero penalty 30 day return period as well as a 1 year warranty that will cover all manufacturer defects.